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Statement from the UMVIM Jurisdictional Coordinators



A plan for UMVIM team response to the earthquake devastation in Haiti has been designed in consultation with President Gesner Paul and other leaders of the Eglise Methodiste díHaiti (EMH).  Due to the earthquake and changes in EMH leadership, a new list of priority projects and needs have been identified by the church.


Conversations with UMCOR and GBGM has led to a formalized funded proposal for coordination of UMVIM teams to Haiti. The plan includes a US based calendaring office along with staffing in Haiti to assist in the site planning and hosting of teams.


Pending approval of this proposal, we estimate some volunteers may be on the ground in Haiti by April 1st.


Teams are encouraged to form, raise funds and start considering when they would be ready to volunteer in Haiti. 

We suggest teams let their conference UMVIM coordinators know of your teamís plans. 


Based on our observations and experience, teams serving in Haiti need to meet the following criteria:

       No more than 8-12 members/team.

       Team leader has prior experience in Haiti

       Team leader has UMVIM team leader training

       Necessary immunizations are up to date (Cholera and tuberculosis may be needed soon Ė watch the CDC recommendations)

       Early Response Training is not necessary but would be helpful

       Placement into sites will be through the US coordinator only


We suggest that team membership include skills/supplies for Vacation Bible School/education, medical, and construction/deconstruction components.


Specialized teams for pastoral care will be needed soon to work with the pastors and lay pastors in Haiti.


We look forward to serving with you in building relationships with our Haitian sisters and brothers to work with them to bring healing to their country.


In Christís name,


Greg Forrester NEJ

Paulette West, SEJ

Lorna Jost, NCJ

Debbie Vest, SCJ

Heather Wilson, WJ





 HOPE is an ecumenical 501c3 New York State Charity non-profit organization, which is non-denominational and not affiliated with any specific church. We are driven to alleviate human suffering throughout the world.  We are a faith based organization and provide services to people, regardless of their religious beliefs.

We are experts in humanitarian aid sending for both teams and individuals/career missionaries. Our organization is based on the love and example of Jesus Christ, providing programs, team leadership, support and consulting services to organizations. We also provide services in the areas of volunteer management in disaster or emergency response sites

  • team leadership training and development
  • turn-key mission projects
  • locations for volunteer opportunities. 

If your church or organization would like to engage in volunteer work in a national or international setting, to assist people who are living in poverty or experiencing hardships, we can provide your organization with

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