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Please read through our mission agreement

I realize that the following commitment is crucial to the effectiveness, quality, and positive expression of our mission together.  As a participating member of the Humanity Outreach Partners Enterprises team, I agree to:


  1. Develop and maintain a servant attitude toward the people our team serves, as well as, toward each team member.


  1. Support my team leader(s) and his/her decisions. 


  1. Respect peopleís view of faith including those I share space with and work with including the hostís view of religious faith, realizing that different people have different expressions of faith.


  1. Accept the service that is going on in the area where I am serving as well as the local approach to the mission, though it may differ from my own approach.


5.      Abstain from all use of substances including use of alcohol, illegal drugs, inappropriate clothing, and profanity from the time of my departure until I return home. (If you are a tobacco user, this trip is a great excuse for you to give up the habit! However, if you are simply unable to refrain, our organization is empathetic, we ask that you keep your habit to yourself and that no one on the team, the host or the locals sees you smoke.)


  1. Refrain from negativism and complaining.  Travel and outreach initiatives outside my organization/church/college/workplace, etc., may present unexpected and even undesired circumstances.  However, sense of humor, my support and creativity will enhance the moment.


  1. Refrain from gossip.  If it is not true, good, and positive, I will not say it.


  1. Remember that I am a servant of Jesus Christ called to be in ministry with the host team.  I will serve as best I can so that both the spiritual purpose and the task of the mission will be accomplished.


  1. Remember that I am representing a faith based agency, which has established itself as a servant of Jesus Christ; together we are called to be in service with the host, community and team.  I will serve as best I can so that both the spiritual purpose and the task of the mission will be accomplished.


  1. Lift up Jesus Christ with my thoughts, words, and actions.


I have read the above agreement and accept these terms.

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