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Donate your vehicle and support   Humanity Outreach Partners Enterprises: HOPE Unites

Donate your car, boat, motorcycle, van, jet ski, motorcylces, motor homes, buses, and planes, they do not have to run, you just have to have a clear title. When you donate,  80% of the proceeds will help support our work. 

Have your title available when you call and be sure to give them our name: Humanity Outreach Partners Enterprises: Hope Unites

Call: 877-227-7487 ext 1994 or donate on-line at: www.donationline.com  download form at: www.donationline.com/newvehicle_donation_form.shtml  Just click on the "search" button on their website and type in HOPE Unites. 

No cost for picking up the car, tax deductible. 




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