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Donation Policy: HOPE retains 10% of all donations made to our programs to help cover our costs to adminster the programs.  We retain 5% on all child sponsorship donations. 

Retaining a percentage enables us to cover our costs in administering the programs and insuring that people's donations are being used as designated. Covering the costs of our expenses has empowered us to get involved in many awesome projects. We have a saying here at HOPE, and that is, we don't build ruins.  That means that when we commit to a project, we follow through to completion. 

Most non-profits retain 20%, we do not.  We are a self-funded organization and we are completely independent.  

Tax deductible donations:  When you donate to HOPE Unites directly, or to one of our programs, your contribution is tax deductible and we will issue you a donation receipt for your contribution. 


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