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 Specialized Teams: Join our teams or allow us to form teams for you serving in: Construction, Medical, Teaching, Youth, Evangelistic, Justice and Emergency Response. 

Outgoing Team Placement: If you are an individual or family that would like to serve on a humanitarian or mission team, but your organization is not offering an opportunity, you may join one of our outgoing mission teams.

Turn-Key Outreach Opportunities: If your organization would like to serve in outreach but lack the information in how to engage in such a process, allow us to help. We can work with your outreach work site or you can chose from one of our work site.  We'll even provide you with a fully-qualified team leader if you need one!

Workshops: HOPE is available to provide workshops, team orientation and outreach training. Just give us a call and we can set up an appointment.

Setting up outreach/mission initiatives:  Is your organization struggling to set up a quality program?  Allow us to help you.  We can give you all the tools and information you need to develop a successful program. 

Emergency Response Management: We provide management and training services for your administration and volunteers in the following areas:

Disaster/Emergency Response


"                   Civil Unrest

"                   Natural Disasters: Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, etc.

"                   Terrorist

"                   War victims

                  How to respond          

"                   Emergency Response

"                   Long-term

"                   Recognizing realistic response: abilities and limitations

                   Doing no harm

"                   Understanding national insurance agency policy

                   National and International Responses

-                     Supply Logistics

-                     Short-term and Long-term Recovery

-                     Role of Team and/or individuals

                  Organizing Volunteers

                   Organizing Supplies

                   Working with State and Federal Organizations

                   Working with non-profit agencies and ecumenical organizations (VOADS)

                   Emergency Funding

"                   Understanding FEMA

                   Case Management

                  Counseling services

"                   group counseling

"                   individual counseling



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